Visionary of Otherworldly Truth

 I am a soul who occupies human body.
 I am meandering freethinker of light.
 I am savant of throbbing time of eternity.
 I am mortal and undying.
 I am change and I am soundness.
 I am an admirer of iridescent foreknowledge
 what's more, a companion of imperceptible quintessence.
 I am poor and I have an extraordinary riches.
 I have a place with the day and I am a piece of the night.
 I am visionary of otherworldly truth
 what's more, destroyer of misrepresentation.
 I live in the fantasies of ages.
 I live in the times of creation.
 I live in the place that is known for war
 what's more, in the town of compromise.
 My home is in the breath
 of astral breeze and in transmission
 of grand developments of sky.
 I am the person who feels
 strange energy of universe.

  Beautiful Lake in Lanivtsi. This Year I visited this lake together with my sister on cold windy summer day...
 I went around this lake enjoying  beauty of nature...

 Poetry and Photography by Igor Sufyan-Marinovsky

Main Principles of my Creativity

1. To show true state of society and human souls. 2. To encourage, inspire and lead on the path of love. 3. To feel hearts with joy of nature 4. To be guide of spiritual light
Please, do not republish the poems without my permission