Black Hole in Collapse

 I wish to see the change,but not phantom of change.
 I wish to see true progress, but not regress.
 Why do the hordes follow the leaders
 who demonstrate the best way to self-annihilation. ..
 Why are these worthless words
 about improvement in a couple of years?
 For what reason do destiny stroll with steel shield and bludgeon?
  Disdain assaults perniciousness and showers
  vain guarantees of peace
 here and thither.
  How is it conceivable to see thriving
 in the floating to decay?
  What would we be able to say in regards to future?
  Taking a gander at the present biting occasions:
 What great things can be conjecture?
 Everything moves so gradually  before the gulping  by Black Hole in Collapse.
 What is further?
  The New Big Bang...The New Universe...
 Poetry and Photography by Igor Sufyan-Marinovsky

Main Principles of my Creativity

1. To show true state of society and human souls. 2. To encourage, inspire and lead on the path of love. 3. To feel hearts with joy of nature 4. To be guide of spiritual light
Please, do not republish the poems without my permission