Sincere Love and Boredom

 It is so easy to love unconditionally
 on the distance.
 It is so simple to overlook social difference
 with your beloved when you are far away.
 and entertain your soul by fancy of cordial meeting.

 On the distance you can be very romantic.
 But when you look in the harsh eyes of truth
 all your love can be evaporated.

 Closeness shows real content of the heart.
 Though it is possible to be near and distantly

 Boredom... Boredom... Boredom...
 Wealth does not save from boredom.
 Illusory love is rooted in boredom.

 Sincere love has no boundaries...
 It brings affectionate hearts
 in the beauty of harmony.

 Poetry and Photography by Sheikh Igor ibn Abi Sufyan Marinovsky