Sadness and Love

 What did you say my beloved darling?
 What did you say my beloved darling?
 It is like thunder among clear sky.
 Did I not love you sincerely?
No, Perhaps you have never loved me.

 Sadly you swayed your head
 and said: "Our ways lead in different directions."

 Oh, no! I believe we will be together one day.
 I will overcome the hardest handicaps.
 I have strength, I am strong like an oak.

 I will give you comfortable asylum.
 I will protect you from severe hurricane.

 You keep silence and sob...
 Your soul has no sorrow for me.
 Only your painful heart is full of grief.
 You are sorry because you continue to love me.

 I am not sorry because of my love.
 But our ways lead in different directions.
Never our paths will cross each other.
 No, they will not cross each other,
  My love is harmful for you.
 You are like tall and strong oak.
 I am like sloping and sad ivy.
 Embraces of ivy suck the strength of oak.

 But without asylum green ivy withers.
 I will not whither, I will find ruinsю
 I will clothe stripped poor walls.
 Green ivy will be embellishment for them.

 In the downcast country little wind will bring me
 echo of talk from my beloved oak
 and remembrance of charming years
 will never perish.

 Leysa Ukrainka

 Photographer and Translator Sheikh Igor ibn Abi Sufyan-Marinovsky