Be Victorious over Death and Sorrow

 Be victorious over death and sorrow.
 Be overcomer when everything falls apart.
 Though strength is your little
 and weakness restricts you
 among woes of life,
 come and shout: "Alhamdulillah"!

 The rotten decay can be everywhere
 but glory of The All Merciful-Ar Rahman
 and holy hope on the Almighty-Al Aziz
 will shine in your heart.

 Trouble appears, trouble disappears
 "InShaAllah" must be on your lips.

 Pain of loneliness and bitter distress
 are crafty creatures
 that wish to lead you astray
 but be not afraid because your armor
 and protection by
The Owner of All Sovereignty- Malik al Mulk
 are invincible.

 Do not disappointments to choke
 your gladness of existence.
 Have always courage
 to move forward on the way of
 The Infallible Teacher- Ar Rashid
 and be inspired by Jannah of eternal bliss.

 Photo "Lake in Lanivtsi"

 Poetry and Photography by Sheikh Igor ibn Abi Sufyan-Marinovsky