Spiritual Closeness and Familiar Souls

 Fake and Pretense,
 guile and disguise
 are favorite games of the world.
 Honesty and sincerity are despised
 by corrupted civilization.
 Logical feelings are mockery of veracity.
 Natural intelligence becomes artificial.
 Body transforms into heartless machine.
 Falsehood of progress leads to moral regress.
 Absolute ethic turns in relative thing.
 Carousal of evil diminishes visibility of goodness.
 True favor and affection are ulterior gems
 on the field of nothingness.
 Kindness and evil are drifting apart.
 Spiritual closeness draws familiar souls to each other.

 Darkness suffers from loneliness and separation
 though it has a lot of illusory friends.

 There is only unity in light
 and connection of eternal brightness
 through distances and ages in faithful comradeship.

 Poetry and Photography by Igor Marinovsky