Miracle of Unconditional Love

 I do not care
 if somebody finds
 some blemishes in your nature...
 It does not matter how others
 judge your behavior.
 Opinion of society about you
 has no influence over me.

 For me you will be always
 pure spirit of innocence,
 estuary of perfect kindness,
 sunshine of compassion,
 moonlight of my passion.
 beauty of eternity,
 fragrance of tenderness,
 path of inspiration.

 You will ask me:
 "Why are you so special?"

 And I will respond:
 "because of your unconditional love."

 Your love was my cure.
 Your love gave me voice.
 Your love opened my mind.
 Your love is the star of enlightenment
 among darkness of the night.

 Poetry and photography by Igor Marinovsky