Fly Away Troublesome Thoughts

 Fly away troublesome thoughts, autumnal clouds!
 Now is the rule of golden spring!
 Should not my youth pass away
 in sorrow and weeping?

 No, I want to laugh through tears,
  among calamities to sing songs,
  hopelessly I wish to hope,
  I want to live! Fly away sad thoughts!

  On the poor sad soil
 I will sow colorful flowers.
 I will sow them on the frost
 and water them with my bitter tears.

  And my hot tears will melt
  stronghold of ice.
  Maybe the flowers will rise
  and cheerful spring will visit me.

  On the steep flinty mountain
  I will lift a heavy stone.
  And carrying the terrible burden
  I will sing song of gladness.

 I will sing loudly
 during my victory over despair.
 Perhaps on that steep mountain
 my heavy stone would be lifted.

  In the long dark night
 I would not be sleepy even for a moment.
 I will look for the leading star,
 the bright Lady of Duskiness.
 Yes I will laugh through tears,
 among the calamities I will sing songs
 Hopelessly I want to hope.
 I will live! Go away sad thoughts.

 My heart is not allowed to sleep
 though everywhere is dusk and boredom,
 though I know that everything is temporary.

  My look is fearless.
 Maybe the sad clouds will pass away.
 Maybe shining star
 will send me its light.

 Everything will be fall apart.
 The time of the world will be over.
 My heart will leap with joy.
 I will be triumphant even
 over the death.

 Lesya Ukrainka

 translator and photographer Igor Marinovsky