Beloved and her Invisible Lover

 I was always with you
 though you did not notice me.
 I saw your tender face
  covered with bitter tears.
 I felt your pain and sufferings.
 You were in my invisible company
 when you sat forsaken
 near the temple wall.,
 when you moved in despair
 through the streets of crowded city.
 when you were disowned
 by those who had to love you.
 when you walked lonely
 in the wilderness
 forgotten by human society.

 I tried to talk to you.
 But my words were not heard by you.
 i tried to hint you that I was present.
 But all my efforts failed.
 We were together but belonged
 to different worlds.
 I could only watch you..
 My voice was a silence for your ears.

 I penetrated into your dreams
 but you could not recognize me there.

 Do you remember, beloved,
 in the hot summer day
 you had a rest between two hill.
 and suddenly you felt the blow of the wind.
 In that moment my invisible nature
 touched your gentle lips.

 Poetry and Photograpy by Igor Marinovsky