Mark Manlio of Capitolium

 The same Mark Manlio
 who in the fatal night
 when Gauls tried
 to tried to capture Capitolium,
 killed the first invader
 by pushing him from the ridge,
 was called Manlio of Capitolium.
 and allowed to live in a castle
 with his kinsmen.

 The same Mark Manlio
 who was courageous talented general
 in the time war,
 in the time of peace
 he behaved as a person of evil will
 and was an oppressor of people
 that changed Capitolium
 into the nest of robbers
 and had a wish
 to destroy republic.

 For his wicked deeds
 Manlio was severed punished.
 His house was ruined by people.
 His estate was confiscated by the town.
 Name of Manlio was wiped off
 from public records.

 Ivan Franko

Translator Igor Marinovsky

 Part of free image "The Early Scholar" by Eastman Johnson
 Courtesy of The National Gallery of Art, Washington