Prisoner of Poverty

 Prisoner of poverty is walking on the street.
 He seems to be free
 but invisible chains of restrictions
 entangle his body.
 He goes near the restaurant.
 He looks through its windows.
 He sees joyful people at the tables
 who ate tasty dishes.
 Prisoner of poverty feels
 he would never be client
 of this eating establishment.
 Prisoner of poverty enters a supermarket.
 He looks t exotic fruits and expensive teas
 but he is able to buy a loaf of bread.
 Prisoner of poverty moves near touristic agency
 He glares at different advertisements of flight travels
 in the various countries of the world
 though he cannot fly away from misery of his life.

 Igor Marinovsky

 Free image
 Garland County Poor House
 Kennedy, J. F.