Pious Help of Callous Heart

 A destitute man visited
  temple of merchant town.
 Bitter tears of hard life
 ran from his tired eyes.
 He said to the priest
 who was clothed
  in rich attire:
 "My daughter
 has a terrible fever...
 I have no money
 to buy medicine for her...
 Please, help me..."
 "I will help you.
 I will give you money
 in two hours.
 Now you should listen
  lesson of holy word
 on subject "Pious behavior
 and virtuous soul".

 Unfortunate man returned
 to his home
 and learned that
 he brought medicine
 too late.

  Igor Marinovsky

 Part of free image "Bridge on the Saône River at Mâcon" by Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot
 Courtesy of the national gallery of Art, Washington